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The Benefits of Using a Financial Adviser

Financial Advisor Sacramento CaliforniaOne of the major benefits of using a financial adviser to assist you with your insurance and other financial affairs is that you will be leveraging the knowledge of an expert who is registered and licensed. Because their business depends upon providing a high level of service, an adviser will act with high ethical standards with your financial stability in mind.

The main reason you would use the services of a financial adviser is to assist you in arranging and managing your personal finances, taxes*, pensions and insurance plans, or similar aspects of business protection. An adviser may offer advice on investment, including personal equity plans and insurances, personal pensions and other financial advice such as mortgages, wills and estate management.

Insurance and financial advisers also assist small businesses with tax and investment advice, including the various forms of business finance available to make best use of its moveable and fixed assets.

Many people are turning to insurance and financial advisers to help them recover their investments after the heavy losses many experienced during the recent recession. While a full speedy recovery may not always be possible, particularly for those that had invested heavily in the property markets, it is nevertheless a wise decision to seek the advice of those qualified to make considered decisions rather than tackle the problem alone.

Among the specific financial issues that your insurance and financial adviser will handle for you personally are:

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning is essential these days, and is no longer a simple matter of living from the occupational pension offered to you when you retire. Many Retirement Planning Sacramento Californiaretirees have saved for an annuity that they now must use to purchase a pension, and to do so they have the choice of using the insurance firm with which the annuity was saved or another of their choice. That's an important choice to make, and for which the advice of a professional adviser would be extremely useful.

You also have a number of options as to your retirement date, a choice of provisions available for your future heath care, and you will need expert advice on apportioning your personal finances between the risk involved in high return individual investments and the solidity of a more secure but less profitable wider portfolio.

Your adviser should offer you the best advice possible on maximizing your retirement income, both from your own insurances and annuities and any occupational pension lump sum available on your retirement date.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning Sacramento CaliforniaYour financial and insurance adviser will help you decide on the most suitable forms of estate planning to benefit both your family and yourself as you grow older. It is important that your estate plan is customized to meet your particular needs with respect to retirement investments, distribution of wealth according to your wishes and the need to avoid family disputes and minimize estate taxes.  Your adviser will also advise you on such issues as a living will and durable power of attorney, for which formal legal advice will also be necessary.  



Investment PlanningInvestment Planning Sacramento California

A financial adviser will be able to offer you first class professional advice on the management of your investment portfolio and the most suitable types of investment for your needs. You will receive advice on whether your portfolio should be structured to meet your specific needs, or if you would be better with a safer form of investment such as a unit trust or mutual fund.

Retirement, estate and investment planning are interlinked, and a major benefit of using an insurance and financial adviser is that the complexity of managing these is taken from your hands.  You should have the security and peace of mind of knowing that the advice offered is from someone with the knowledge and experience needed to maintain the balance required for the maximum benefit to yourself and your family.

Another form of investment that can also be linked to insurance is provision for the education of your family. Education costs are rising, and it is important that the value of your investments and education insurance rises with them.

In recent times, one of the effects of recession has been to reduce the value of many forms of investment, including insurance and property, and you will need the help of an insurance and financial adviser to maintain or rebuild the value of any investment set aside for the future education of your children or grandchildren. This is not something that most people are able to do themselves.

A financial adviser has a duty to help manage your savings and investments according to your individual risk tolerance and time horizon and to make the best use of the money you have placed in their hands. The vast majority of advisers are very good at achieving this, and you are highly recommended to use their experience and expertise to ensure that your insurances and investments have been designed to make the very best use of your funds.

You should not leave it until retirement to do this, because that is when you will want to be taking advantage of the fruits of that expertise. The best time to begin planning your financial future is on the day you start work.  

* Neither New York Life Insurance Company, nor its agents, provides tax, legal or accounting advice.  Please consult your own tax, legal or accounting professional before making any decisions.

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